Hughes & Kettner Dual 6L6


Statesman® – Today‘s most advanced Classic Tube Amplifiers
60Watt Dual 6L6 Tube Guitar Combo

Do you love that sparkling, oh-so-expressive clean tone of a traditional open-back tube combo? Do you have the experience it takes to control the dynamics of top-flight crunch tones with nothing more than your touch and your guitar’s volume knob? Do you know what distinguishes the dynamic punch wielded by a classic half-stack from a wellmeaning combo’s overdrive? Then look no further than the new Statesman series for an amp that caters to your sensibilities!
The AS 64, Access, TriAmp, zenTera, Switchblade – like no other manufacturer, Hughes & Kettner has made tube amp history over the last twenty years with its innovative designs. And now we are writing a new chapter with the Statesman line of classic tube amps sans the classic limitations.
The four Statesman models’ kinship with ‘60s-era forebears is obvious at first glance – they share that familiar look & feel. Sporting 12AX7 preamp tubes and, depending on model, EL 84, EL 34, or 6L6 power amp tubes, they would also appear to share the same DNA. Take a closer look, though, and you will see its talents transcend mere mimicry, with two sweet-sounding discrete channels!
Clean delivers the soulful shimmering tone of an open tube combo. Its Twang switch lives up to its name by adding a healthy helping of punchy high-mids that put the spank in funk and do the country twang thang so well; even contemporary ballads benefit from the upper mids boost. Dial in a dab more gain, and dive into a world of dynamic crunch tones and hair-trigger response to every subtlety of your touch. The Drive channel offers more than merely more gain. It delivers the secret ingredient that is so critical to a classic rock sound - the powerful punch of a half-stack. The Gain knob takes you on a magical mystery tour from a throaty mid-‘60s bark to a typical ‘70s rock bite. The Boost button is a time machine, taking you and the amp’s overdrive tone a few years down the road! All Statesmen sport a genuine Accutronics® spring reverb; the Reverb Balance knob controls each channel’s amount. A modern effects loop lets you add external effect devices to the sonic equation. And the included footswitch lets you tap your toes to conveniently activate the two channels, Boost, the FX loop, and Reverb.
An Eminence® speaker developed especially for these amps brings together the grooviest tried-and-true design features of US and UK speakers. They are the key to these rigs’ jaw-dropping tonal versatility.

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  • Model: H&K Dual 6L6
  • Manufactured by: Hughes& Kettner

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