E Bow


Electronic Guitar "Bow"

This is a the E-Bow electronic guitar "Bow" famous for producing those weird off the wall sounds from any guitar.
Quite difficult and rare to find these days, the E Bow is great for getting those Jimmy Page Led Zep haunting guitar sounds, or the 10cc-type, sweet, smooth, almost ethereal guitar sounds.( Yeah, yeah, I know about the Gizmotron - don't bother emailing me!)
It works by electro-magnetically "Bowing' the strings like a Violin....that is, the E Bow is simply held over the string and sound is produced.
It comes with full instructions, a cassette tape lesson in how to use it, a velvet storage bag and a whole pile of smeg such as a sticker and a badge.....the sort of stuff that marketing people ensconced happily behind their computer desks think musicians really want to plaster all over their guitar cases. (There again, maybe they do !! )
As with any brand new item, the E Bow is covered by a full warranty.
(A warranty on the efficacy of the item that is.....not a warranty that you'll play better!!! ;-)

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